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柯普兰COPLAND后级 CTA-506

Tube stereo power amplifier of XENA AUDIO.

The current supply circuit is classified into seven lines, was protected by the respectively quality film capacitor, and has controlled the mutual intervention also in the super-high region.
The condenser which fully took the special order toroidal transformer and proof-pressure margin of the tanker cage is adopted as a power-source part.

Although the output pipe 6550A is driven, the phase inversion circuit of the push pull composition using two for a Twin Triode is adopted.

The 4mm gilding output terminal which can respond also to a banana plug is adopted, and an output for exclusive use is obtained to a speaker (4ohm and 8ohm), respectively.
Moreover, the RCA pin jack of gilding is adopted as an input terminal.

The output transformer has adopted EI core by the super silicon steel plate by which direction rolling was carried out.
Especially, the joint density between the primary secondary winding wire is high, and is maintaining the balance of the characteristic and efficiency.

It is possible to change to the pentode connection near [ it is infinite in the first class and ] it and triode connection with the knob in the front panel of hair line finishing.

The shield type very-thick cord of a BELDEN is adopted as a power cord.

柯普兰COPLAND后级 CTA-506
柯普兰COPLAND后级 CTA-506

Rating of a mode
Form Tube power amplifier
Effective output At the time of pentode connection: 50W+50W
At the time of triode connection: 26W+26W
THD Below 0.08% (1kHz/1W)
Below 1% (1kHz/50W)
Frequency response 5Hz - -65kHz three dB
Output bandwidth 8Hz - -45kHz three dB
Signal to noise ratio 100dB (IHF / input short-circuit)
Input sensitivity 1.5V
Input impedance 250kohm
Output load impedance 4ohm or Eight ohms (minus community, plus connection substitute)
Negative feedback 16dB
The phase between input and output Right phase
Valves employed Voltage magnification and phase inversion: E83ccx5 本
Electric-power magnification: 6550WAx2 set
Power consumption 185W (Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law)
Dimensions Width 430x height 175x depth 375
Weight 25kg

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